Meeting details

Board of County Commissioners

Held at Centennial Hall Auditorium

Tuesday, 09/10/2019

From 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Name Function
Mark Waller Chair
Cami Bremer Commissioners
Longinos Gonzalez Commissioners
Stan VanderWerf Commissioners
Holly Williams Commissioners
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Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
Staff Emergency Items
Changes/Postponements/Notice of Next Meeting
Comments by Elected Officials and Commissioner Liaison Report(s)
Community Service Organization Reports
Consent Calendar
Request to approve appointments to the Innovation and Technology Committee.
motion carried
Request to approve appointment to the Community Corrections Board.
motion carried
Request for appointment to the CCI 2019 Legislative Committee.
motion carried
Final release of Check No. 5224 for Defect Warranty of Sandcreek Preserve
motion carried
Resolution to approve application for Final Acceptance of certain streets within Sandcreek Preserve subdivision into the El Paso County road maintenance system.
motion carried
Resolution to approve a Park Lands Agreement with Murray Fountain for Lorson Ranch East Filing No. 4.
motion carried
Report on public hearing with respect to proposed issuance of not to exceed $20,000,000.00 El Paso County, Colorado multifamily housing revenue bonds (Winfield Apartments Project).
motion carried
Resolution to approve an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for School Stability with El Paso County School District 12 – Cheyenne Mountain School District.
motion carried
Approval and acceptance of grant award from the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing for El Paso County PEAK application accessibility in the amount of $5,934.00
motion carried
Resolution to accept the Title XX Grant agreement between the State of Colorado, Office of Children, Youth & Families, Division of Child Welfare for staff training.
motion carried
Resolution approving Amendments to the El Paso County Health Plan Trust Agreement.
motion carried
Procurement and Contracts Consent Calendar
Approval of award of purchase order to Auto Truck Group for the El Paso County Department of Public Works / Fleet Division for upfit of vehicles (rolling stock) at a total not-to-exceed cost of $1,084,325.00 per Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) Cooperative Purchasing Agreement #201410577.
motion carried
Land Use Consent Calendar
Annexation Impact Report - Church of All Nations - A request by the City of Colorado Springs for acceptance of an Annexation Impact Report for the Church of All Nations Annexation No. 1. The parcels, totaling approximately 53 acres, are zoned RR-5 (Rural Residential) and are located northeast of the North Powers Boulevard and Dublin Boulevard intersection. (Parcel Nos. 53070-00-076, 53070-00-108, and 53070-00-109) (Commissioner District No. 2)
motion carried
Called-up Consent Calendar
Land Use Regular Items
Revocation of Variance of Use - Mountain Splendor Services Contractor's Equipment Yard - A request by the Planning and Community Development Department (PCD) to revoke approval of a variance of use for a contractor’s equipment yard pursuant to Section 5.3.4 (G) of the El Paso County Land Development Code (2019). The applicant has failed to obtain building permits within sixty (60) days as required by Condition No. 2 of the variance of use approval (VA-17-010). The five (5) acre property is zoned A-5 (Agricultural) and is located south of Woodmen Road approximately 0.3 miles. (Parcel No. 53080-00-048) (Commissioner District No. 2) (VA-17-010)
motion carried
The Ranch Sketch Plan -- A request by PRI No. 4, LLC, for approval of a sketch plan. The 610 acre property is zoned RR-2.5 (Residential Rural) and is located north of Woodmen Road, west of Meridian Road, at the end of Stapleton Road, east of Raygor Road. (Parcel Nos. 52000-00-321, 52000-00-323, and 52000-00-324) (Commissioner District No. 2) (SKP-18-006)
The Retreat Service Plan - A request by TimberRidge Development Group, LLC, and TimberRidge Estates, LLC, for approval of a Colorado Revised Statutes Title 32 Special District service plan for the Retreat Metropolitan Districts Nos. 1 and 2. The proposed Districts are located north of the proposed Briargate-Stapleton Corridor, east of Vollmer Road, adjacent to Arroya Lane and within Sections 21, 22, 27, and 28, Township 12 South, Range 65 West of the 6th Principal Meridian. The applicant is proposing the following: a maximum debt authorization of $14.5 million, a debt mill levy of 50 mills with a maximum of 65 mills and an operations and maintenance mill levy of 10 mills, and 5 mills for covenant enforcement. The statutory purposes of the proposed Districts include: 1) street improvements and safety protection; 2) design, construction, financing, and maintenance of drainage facilities; 3) design, acquisition, construction, and maintenance of recreation facilities; 4) mosquito control; and 5) covenant enforcement, 6) design, construction, financing, and maintenance of public water and sanitation systems, and 7) television relay and translation, and security services. Properties within the boundaries of the proposed Districts are included within the Black Forest Preservation Plan (1987). (Parcel Nos. 52000-00-398, 52270-00-001, 52270-00-003, 52270-00-004, 52280-00-019 & 52220-00-023) (Commissioner District No. 2) (ID-17-002)
Local Licensing Authority Hearings
Hearing on the application by Falcon Liquor Outlet LLC d/b/a Falcon Liquor Outlet, for a Change of Location permit for its Retail Liquor license to be relocated to 7344 McLaughlin Road, El Paso County.
motion carried
Public Comment on Items Not Scheduled on the Agenda
Department and Committee Reports/Non Action Items
Executive Session