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Board of County Commissioners (Land Use)

Held at: Centennial Hall Auditorium

Thursday, 02/08/2024

From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Name Function
Cami Bremer Chair
Carrie Geitner Vice Chair
Longinos Gonzalez Commissioner
Stan VanderWerf Commissioner
Holly Williams Commissioner
Posting date: 02/01/2024
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Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
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Land Use Consent Calendar
LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE AMENDMENT - LANDSCAPE CODE UPDATE - Amendments to Chapter 6 of the El Paso County Land Development Code (as amended) pertaining to Section 6.2 Development Standards for Ancillary Facilities and Activities, specifically, sections 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 to provide clarification of the requirements, increase options for landscaping materials, and provide a Landscaping and Planting Manual for reference. The Code Amendment was heard as a regular item at the January 18, 2024 Planning Commission hearing. Planning Commission asked about the need for the amendments, the consistency with surrounding jurisdictions, the review process, and support from the industry. The Item was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission (9-0). (All Commissioner Districts) (LDC233)
MOTION CARRIED Decision number 24-76
Called-Up Consent Calendar
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