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Board of County Commissioners (Land Use)

Held at: Centennial Hall Auditorium

Thursday, 06/27/2024

From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Name Function
Cami Bremer Chair
Carrie Geitner Vice Chair
Longinos Gonzalez Commissioner
Stan VanderWerf Commissioner
Holly Williams Commissioner
Posting date: 06/20/2024
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Land Use Consent Calendar
FINAL PLAT - FALCON SELF STORAGE & U-HAUL SUBDIVISION - A request by Oliver Watts Consulting for approval of a 5.00-acre Final Plat creating 1 lot. The property is zoned I-2 (Limited Industrial) and is located roughly one-half mile north of the intersection of Woodmen Road and Bent Grass Drive. This item was heard as a consent item at the June 6, 2024 Planning Commission hearing. The vote was 9-0 for a recommendation of approval to the Board of County Commissioners. (Parcel No. 5301002005) (Commissioner District No. 2) (MS232)
MOTION CARRIED Decision number 24-252
Called-Up Consent Calendar
Land Use Regular Items
ANNEXATION IMPACT REPORT - COLORADO CENTRE ADDITION NO. 3 ANNEXATION - Acknowledgment of an annexation impact report for the Colorado Centre Addition No. 3 Annexation. Pursuant to State Statute, the Board of County Commissioners does not approve or deny an annexation impact report, nor does the Board of County Commissioners support or oppose annexation requests. The Report provided by the City of Colorado Springs notifies the County of the annexation request and describes potential impacts in very general terms. The property consists of 32.94 acres, is zoned I-2 (Light industrial) and CC (Commercial Community) with an Airport Overlay, and is located at the intersection of Foreign Trade Zone Boulevard and Bradley Road. The annexation request is scheduled to be heard before the City of Colorado Springs City Council on July 9, 2024. (Parcel Nos. 5509101001 and 5509101002) (Commissioner District No. 4) (ANX2319)
SPECIAL USE - MONUMENT GLAMPING 1 SPECIAL USE MODIFICATION - A request by Chris Jeub for approval of a Special Use on 6.44 acres to allow a recreational camp for 12 sites in the RR-5 (Residential Rural) zoning district. The property is located at 16315 Rickenbacker Avenue, approximately one-quarter of a mile south from the intersection of Rickenbacker Avenue and Doolittle Road. This item was heard as a regular item at the June 6, 2024, Planning Commission hearing. Discussion included project history with Code Enforcement and the continued violations from the applicant, current use versus what is being proposed, compatibility issues, and a lack of information from the applicant on types of structures and the hard-sided structures at the project address. The vote was 7-2 for a recommendation of denial to the Board of County Commissioners. The Planning Commission members identified how this proposed project is not compatible with the zoning district, not compatible with the surrounding neighborhood, not compatible with the master plan placetype or area of change, and the proposed changes to the recreational camp are significant changes that create a vastly different project, not a modification. (Parcel No. 7127001011) (Commissioner District No. 3) (AL2321)
MOTION CARRIED Decision number 24-253
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