Meeting details

Board of County Commissioners

Held at Centennial Hall Auditorium

Tuesday, 02/12/2019

From 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Name Function
Mark Waller Chair
Cami Bremer Commissioners
Longinos Gonzalez Commissioners
Stan VanderWerf Commissioners
Holly Williams Commissioners
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Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
Staff Emergency Items
Changes/Postponements/Notice of Next Meeting
Comments by Elected Officials and Commissioner Liaison Report(s)
Community Service Organization Reports
Consent Calendar
Request to approve the Board of County Commissioners January 29, 2019 Minutes.
Board approval is requested for the Resolution to remove citizen members from volunteer boards, committees, commissions, and task forces.
Request to approve appointment to the Emergency Services Authority.
Resolution to approve a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Colorado Works Collaboration between El Paso County Department of Human Services and the Pikes Peak Workforce Center at a cost of $200,000.00.
Procurement and Contracts Consent Calendar
Award of Contract Amendment No.1 to AECOM Technical Services, Inc. to provide supplemental services to an Asset Management Plan for the Department of Public Works/Engineering Division at a cost not to exceed $140,470.00 (On-Call CON# 17-067A).
Land Use Consent Calendar
FINAL PLAT -- STONEBRIDGE AT MERIDIAN RANCH FILING 4 -- A request by GTL, Inc., for approval of a final plat to create 209 single-family residential lots. The 68 acre property is zoned PUD (Planned Unit Development) and is located at the northwest corner of the Eastonville Road and Stapleton Drive intersection. (Parcel Nos. 42293-00-001 and 42293-00-002) (SF-18-023)
PRELIMINARY PLAN -- SPRINGS EAST AT WATERVIEW -- A request by COLA, LLC, and CPR Entitlements, LLC, for approval of a preliminary plan to create 713 single-family residential lots and 8 commercial lots. The 195.25 acre property is split zoned RS-5000 (Residential Suburban) (166.89 acres) and CS (Commercial Services) (28.36 acres) and is located at the southeast corner of the Powers Boulevard and Bradley Road intersection. (Parcel Nos. 55000-00-412 and 55000-00-413)
PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT/PRELIMINARY PLAN -- GARDENS AT NORTH CAREFREE -- A request by Mule Deer Investment, LLC, for approval of a map amendment (rezoning) of 11.56 acres from CS (Commercial Service) and RR-5 (Residential Rural) to PUD (Planned Unit Development) and approval of a preliminary plan for 71 residential lots. The property is located at the northeast corner of the Akers Drive and North Carefree Circle intersection. (Parcel Nos. 53294-11-002 and 53294-00-012)
PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT/PRELIMINARY PLAN -- CREEKSIDE AT LORSON RANCH -- A request by Lorson LLC Nominee, for approval of a map amendment (rezoning) of 83 acres from PUD (Planned Unit Development) to PUD (Planned Unit Development) and approval of a preliminary plan for 235 single-family residential lots. The property is located south of Lorson Boulevard and east of Marksheffel Road. (Parcel Nos. 55000-00-406, 55000-00-265, and 55000-00-267)
Called-up Consent Calendar
Public Comment on Items Not Scheduled on the Agenda
Department and Committee Reports/Non Action Items
Executive Session
Pursuant to C.R.S. §24-6-402(4)(f)(I), the County Attorney’s Office is requesting an Executive Session with the Board of County Commissioners during its regular meeting scheduled on February 12, 2019 or as soon as practicable thereafter, regarding personnel matters pertaining to the annual performance reviews for the County Administrator and County Attorney.