List of organizations
Prefix Name Description
JCRB Community Review Board Juvenile Community Review Board Details
Community Services Block Grant Advisory Board Community Services Block Grant Advisory Board Details
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Details
EDD Economic Development Department Economic Development Department Details
Facilities Corporation Facilities Corporation Details
FC Fountain Creek Watershed Fountain Creek Watershed Details
HAC Highway Advisory Commission Highway Advisory Commission Details
EPCHA Housing Authority Housing Authority Details
Innovation and Technology Committee Innovation and Technology Committee Details
Juvenile Community Review Board Juvenile Community Review Board Details
LEPC Local Emergency Planning Committee Local Emergency Planning Committee Details
OMLBOC Meeting Announcement Public Meeting Notice Details
Noxious Weed Advisory Committee Noxious Weed Advisory Committee Details
P.P. Rural Transporation Authority Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority Citizens Advisory Committee Details
Park Fee Advisory Committee Park Fee Advisory Committee Details
PPLIB Pikes Peak Library District Board Pikes Peak Library District Board Details
PPWF Pikes Peak Workforce Pikes Peak Workforce Details
PION Pioneer Village Roads Public Improvement District Pioneer Village Roads PID Details
PPROEM PPROEM Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management Advisory Board Details
PPRWA PPRWA Pikes Peak Regional Water Authority Details
PID1 Public Improvement District 1 Public Improvement District Details
PID2 Public Improvement District 2 Public Improvement District 2 Details
PID3 Public Improvement District 3 Public Improvement District 3 Details
PID4 Public Improvement District 4 Public Improvement District 4 Details
PID5 Public Improvement District 5 Public Improvement District 5 Details
Road Impact Fee Advisory Committee Road Impact Advisory Committee Details
STRAT Stratmoor Valley Streetlights PID Stratmoor Valley Streetlights PID Details
The Resource Exchange Annual Legislative Town Hall The Resource Exchange Annual Legislative Town Hall Details
VALE VALE Board 4th Judicial District Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement Board Public Meeting Notice Details
VCOMP Victim Compensation Victim Compensation Details
VNI VNI Executive Board VNI Executive Board Details
BOCW Worksession Worksession to be held immediately following the BoCC meeting unless called to order earlier at the discretion of the BoCC Chair) Details
BOC Board of County Commissioners Board of County Commissioners Details
BOA Board of Adjustment Board of Adjustment Details
BOR Board of Retirement Board of Retirement Details
COG Citizen Outreach Group Citizen Outreach Group Details
CRP Citizen Review Panel Citizen Review Panel Details
CCB Community Corrections Board Community Corrections Board Details
ERC El Paso - Teller County 9-1-1 El Paso - Teller County 9-1-1 Details
ESA Emergency Services Authority Emergency Services Authority Details
FAB Fair Advisory Board Fair Advisory Board Details
FC Fairgrounds Corporation Fairgrounds Corporation Details
PAB Park Advisory Board Park Advisory Board Details
PC Planning Commission Planning Commission Details
BOH Public Health Public Health Details