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Special District Service Plan -- Gardens at North Carefree Metro District -- A request by Mule Deer Investments, LLC, for approval of a Colorado Revised Statutes Title 32 Special District service plan for the Gardens at North Carefree Metropolitan District. The proposed 11.56 acre district service area is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of North Carefree Circle and Akers Drive and is within Section 29, Township 13 South, Range 65 West of the 6th P.M. The applicant is proposing the following: a maximum debt authorization of $5 million, a debt service mill levy of 30 mills with a maximum of 40 mills, and an operations and maintenance mill levy of 10 mills. The statutory purposes of the proposed District includes: 1) design, construction, financing, maintenance, and ownership of water and wastewater lines; 2) street improvements and safety protection; 3) design, construction, financing, and maintenance of drainage facilities; 4) design, acquisition, construction, and maintenance of recreation facilities; 5) mosquito control; and 6) covenant enforcement. The proposed District is not included within the boundaries of a small area master plan. (Parcel Nos. 53294-00-012 and 53294-11-002) (Commissioner District No. 2) (ID-19-001)

Motion: Stan VanderWerf Second: Cami Bremer
For: 3
  • Mark Waller
  • Stan VanderWerf
  • Cami Bremer
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