List of organizations
Prefix Name
AFTF Athletic Fields Task Force Details
BC Beautification Committee Details
CPC Citizen and Police Committee Details
EC Ethics Commission Details
LBPC Library Board Policy Committee Details
LTRC Long Term Recovery Committee Details
PZC Planning & Zoning Commission Details
PRUC Property Re-Use Committee Details
RSTF Resilience and Sustainability Task Force Details
TASC Tax Abatement Study Committee Details
TCTRP TC Temporary Rules and Procedures Committee Details
TC Town Council Details
TCPSC Town Council Public Safety Committee Details
TCRP Town Council Rules and Procedures Committee Details
TOPEC Town Owned Property Evaluation Committee Details
VWMC Veterans & War Memorial Committee Details
TC COW Town Council Committee of the Whole Details
TC P&A Town Council Personnel and Appointments Committee Details
BAA Board of Assessment Appeals Details
BAB Boating Advisory Board Details
BCBA Building Code Board of Appeals Details
COC Committee of Chairpersons Details
CDAC Community Development Advisory Committee Details
CSAC Complete Streets Advisory Committee Details
CC Conservation Commission Details
CFPBO Copp Family Park Board of Overseers Details
EDC Economic Development Commission Details
FRC Fair Rent Commission Details
GAB Golf Advisory Board Details
HMC Harbor Management Commission Details
HDC Historic District Commission Details
HCBA Housing Code Board of Appeals Details
IWA Inland Wetlands Agency Details
LB Library Board Details
NRZC Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Committee Details
PRC Parks and Recreation Commission Details
PWBT Pequot Woods Board of Trustees Details
PSB Permanent School Building Committee Details
RTM Representative Town Meeting Details
RB Retirement Board Details
RTMCDS RTM Community Development and Services Committee Details
RTMEC RTM Education Committee Details
RTMFC RTM Finance Committee Details
RTMPSC RTM Public Safety Committee Details
RTMPWC RTM Public Works Committee Details
RTMRC RTM Recreation Committee Details
RTMRPC RTM Rules and Procedures Committee Details
SC Shellfish Commission Details
TA Traffic Authority Details
TCTF Trails Coordinating Task Force Details
TAB Tree Advisory Board Details
WPCA Water Pollution Control Authority Details
YFS Youth and Family Services Advisory Committee Details
ZBA Zoning Board of Appeals Details