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REGA21-03, Cannabis Establishment Zoning Text Amendments

MOTION: To approve Zoning Regulation text amendment application REGA21-03 to:
1.) Amend Section 2.1 (Definitions) to add definitions of Cannabis and Cannabis Establishment
2.) Amend Section 4.1 (Table of Permitted Uses) to prohibit Cannabis Establishments in all zones
The Town of Groton Planning and Zoning Commission adopts zoning regulation text amendment REGA 21-03 in order to allow a comprehensive review of Public Act 21-1 and to consider where cannabis uses should be allowed and under what conditions pursuant to the following findings and reasons for approval:
1. This amendment is consistent with the Town’s 2016 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) with particular regard to goals, objectives, and recommendations for the promotion of sustainable development patterns for Special Focus Areas, and the evaluation of current zones and development standards to determine if uses, setbacks, and other requirements are appropriate.
2. This amendment is consistent with the Town’s Municipal Coastal Program and the CGS Section 22a-90 through 22a-111 (Coastal Management Act) with particular regard for protecting coastal resources, protecting water quality, and carefully managing coastal development
3. This zoning text amendment is made in accordance with the comprehensive plan for the Town of Groton and provides for reasonable consideration of the environment and Long Island Sound in accordance with the provisions of CGS 8-2.
This text amendment shall become effective November 15, 2021.
Motion: Jeffrey C. Pritchard Second: Susan K. Sutherland
For: 5
  • Jeffrey C. Pritchard
  • Michael D. Kane
  • Hal Zod
  • Barbara Tarbox
  • Susan K. Sutherland
Against: 0
Abstained: 0
Recused: 0
Absent: 0